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The adventures of Sabomnim. When the chips are down as you look around, when everyone seems to be focused on themselves instead of the greater good for all, when your leaders do not seem to know what to do next, so they react instead of thinking and strategize, When everybody seems to have run amok, when people misinterpret what you stand for, your purpose, or your reasons, don’t get depressed for God knows your heart. He will send those like-minded people to you. He will send those that smile and support your efforts. Nothing beats the warm smile and hug of someone that appreciates you. Smile to somebody each and everyday. Warm a heart. We truly are all in this together. Together we can make it. Don’t be so quick to criticize because you really don’t know what their going through. Always be quick to lend a helping hand and a smile.


Sabomnim Titus

MAY 2014

Every belt level is an accomplishment. Knowledge comes through time and practice. You must train in and out of the school. Just like in your school, you receive homework to hone your skills in the subject. It is the same in the karate school, however, your training and practice is self motivated and self driven. It is truly up to you. There are techniques that I thought I could not do. However, given the time, practice and training, I can do them now with ease. Always review the lesson learned that day. Always review physically and mentally. Put the time in and you will never be disappointed at yourself. Seek assistance to get it right.
We are here to help and to hone. Your indomitable spirit drives you to perfection. Straight A’s always!!


Building confidence starts with training, practice, study, and repetition to gain understanding of the subject. If you prepare yourself, you will be ready and minimize any anxiety and fear that maybe felt. Confidence builds as anxiety and fear disappear. Confidence can be measured by the level of anxiety or fear felt. Train and study hard always to build your confidence in school, karate, and life. “If you know; that you know; that you know it” , fear and anxiety run out of room to effect your performance. Be not afraid for the Lord is with you always. Pilsung!


In the mitts of the storm, sometimes you have a warning and you may prepare; sometimes it catches you off guard and knocks off your game; sometimes is so wide and so deep; sometimes it is ignored, not recognized, or under estimated; sometimes it is short and brief just like a gentle reminder. Well, we are all here to go through storms. Storms in our lives our meant to strengthen our resolve and belief in our faith and in our spirit towards indomitable. Storms are for the building of fellowship and the human bond. Without storms in our lives, we would likely become arrogant, cocky, overly confident. Storms are meant to make us humble, meek, and yet build our self confidence, self reliance, and our faith that we are here for His purpose and not our own. In the storm, be sharp, calculating, bending, aware, helpful, and prayerful. Let His praise be in your mouth. There are storms in Martial Arts as well. They function the same way as in life and they are there for the same reason; that is to make you better, stronger, faster, and most of all humbler. Train for the storm before it arrives to be prepared, aware and ever ready.


The Best never rest. We that seek to be the best that we can be always continue to self improve, always continue to seek more knowledge, always seek to learn, and always continue to focus on nurturing, enrichment, and inspiration. The drive and desire to be the best is a inner determination and indomitable spirit that continually fuels the fire for self reliance, self esteem and self confidence. In your quest for the best, always be mindful to assist others, teach others, and support others. Your rewards for being the best are amplified by the number of people you take on your journey to be the best. What good is it to be best and forget the rest. That means when you are the best, you maybe by yourself. That is no fun. So, never rest means to be steadfast, indomitable, forward moving and always improving and pursuing. The success of the best is measures by your impact on friends, family, church, community, and those in need. The Best never rest, however, the Best of the Best share with the rest. Rupa is the gift of sharing the best. Pilsung!


Back to school means back to the pursuit of scholarship. It is time to focus your attention on learning, studying , and testing so that you may achieve the A Plus result. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes effort. However, the rewards are great. In learning you are taught about new things that add important knowledge to you mind. In studying, you begin to apply, practice, and hone the knowledge received to make it your own knowledge. In testing, you demonstrate that you have gain the knowledge that was taught. How well you perform in the test is a direct measure of how well you made the knowledge your own, understand it, and able to give it back or pass it on. It is also the direct measure of your time and effort. What you do in school is develop yourself. In addition, what you put into it (time & effort) reflects how well you do. School is designed to make you better, smarter, sharper, and independent. Invest the time and effort and you will be rewarded. By the way, same is true for the Martial Arts. Pilsung! Go now, and do excellent work.


Let us focus on August A – Athletics – Try to do something that encourages physical challenge of fitness, strength, endurance, or flexibility U – Unity – Share whatever you do with a buddy. Bring a friend and share. G – Grow – Make sure what you do in the month helps you to learn something new. U – Urgency – make learning something new a priority; then something else; then make learning something new continuously. S – Simplicity – Make sure you master the simplest and just build on it T – Test – Measure your capability through tests. Always know how well you do by measuring your progress What should you do in August? Come in and train in Golden Fist

JULY 2012

The Four Ts – Task, Tool, Technique, Timing Task – Identify what needs to be done Tool – Choose the correct equipment or instrument available Technique – Prepare for the direct and effective use of the tool Timing – determine and execute at the right time and speed The 4 Ts are part of everything we do: Martial Arts, Self Defense, Building or repairing a house, or diving off the side of a cliff into ocean water. I leave it to you to think about how these are a few examples of the using the 4 Ts. Do you have others? There is a fifth T which enables the first 4. The 5 th T is Thinking. Use your brain before you do something insane. There are many ways or concepts in getting things done. Some ways are more effective then others. There is a sixth T, which enables the first 5. The 6 th T is training. Train your brain, train to get a task done, train with the tool, train in the best technique, train to improve timing. Don’t dive onto the rocks!! Can you think of the seventh T?…………………we do it all the time
MAY 2012

When things go wrong, there is a lesson being taught. Seek the benefit. The Lord blesses those that diligently seek Him. If you are in a storm, in times of trouble or stress, examine yourself, ask forgiveness and then ask for guidance. There is a plan of success just for you. When things go wrong, astray, or not as expected, it is a hint that you either have strayed are in the process of straying from the success plan. Always be self aware and self examining. Remember anger and hatred lead to the dark side. Love and fellowship is of the Light.

APRIL 2012

Go for it. Go for your dream. Work hard and stay focused. Listen to good advice from those that have been placed in your life to help you succeed. Your parents, teachers, elders, instructors, and family all want you to achieve your dreams. The most important person that will help you to reach your dream is yourself. Your own belief in yourself is the best encouragement. Your own desire is what will drive you. Your own determination will allow you to stay on focus. Your own perseverance will keep you pressing towards your goal. You must believe to achieve. Any unbelief will slow you down. Believe in yourself and keep the I can do it attitude and never quit. Stay away from bad influences because they are a distraction and will slow you down. A bad influence is something or someone that you know before you do it is going to get you in trouble. Beware of the Dark Side. Use the good force to go for it. You can do it. Have no doubt. I know you can do it. It is in your Spirit inside of you that will help you to achieve, so believe. Study hard, train, practice, persevere and go for it. Be a good boy or a good girl. Make all those that care about you PROUD!

MARCH 2012

Initiative may be defined as taking on a task, mission, cause or purpose on your own without having to be encouraged to do so. When you clean your room, open a door, take out the trash, clean up a spill, get your homework started, get up in the morning, get dressed and ready to go, offer assistance to someone without being prompted or told to do so, you are showing initiative. Please show initiative in all things. Don’t be the bump on the log or the person that has to be told when things need to get done. Try your best to get ahead of the needs in your area whether it is at home, your classroom, your church, or your Karate school. Take the initiative to ask questions when you don’t understand. Take the initiative to help your parents at home. Take the initiative to help your brothers or sisters. Take the initiative to train and practice your Golden Fist to get it right. Take the initiative and others will notice that you care and that you take the imitative to learn. It is very important to take the initiative to be nice to your parents, teachers, elders, friends to help make this world a better place. Taking the initiative gives you the reputation of a self starter and comes with great respect from others.


Education is of primary importance. It is to be your highest priority. In life, your are continuously learning. Learning never stops. Life is learning. Formal education has rewards for all those who seek it. Practice the “Recipe for Straight A’s”. It is never too late. When you focus on academic excellence, you increase your opportunities for grants and scholarships which can pay for your college education completely. College education is one of the highest expenses and typically generates debt to achieve. Scholarships and grants pay for that expense. Your hard and focused school work is your payment towards the scholarship or grant. Excel in school by making the yearning for learning your priority. By the way, in Martial Arts, the more you study, the more you achieve as well. It is the same formula for success. Scholarship, success, peace and love to all in 2012.


Focus all efforts in 2012 towards self development. Focus on development mind, body, and soul. You can do all things through God that strengthens you. Remember your efforts in 2011 and redouble them in 2012. Practice, train, study, participate, compete, test, question, strive, research, endeavor and achieve are all positive behaviors towards self development. Be the best you can be in all things to all people and to yourself as well. It is okay to celebrate your victories, count your blessings, and be thankful for your achievements. In addition, be fruitful and multiply by sharing what you have achieved or learned with others to give encouragement, show leadership, and demonstrate friendship. Always be good citizens and always be kind to one another. In 2012, reach for the next level. Reach for what you now think is impossible. When you achieve it, you will find it was always possible. Success, peace and love to all in 2012. Pilsung!


Martial Arts is not just another activity. It is not just something to do. The Martial Arts has been a cornerstone in the development of children for thousands of years. The knowledge and principles of the ages has been passed towards the nurturing of respectful boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen. Confidence, respect, awareness, control, discipline, defense, focus, scholarship, fellowship, friendship, and mentorship are all products we provide. My vision and purpose is to provide a support structure to the parents and students in addition to family, school, and church that seeks to develop all the positive attributes of growing and learning. Over the years, I am proud that you have allowed me to participate in your child’s development and life. My staff and I are honored and humbled to have this opportunity to assist as needed either personally or in the community. We are very proud of our students. In this time of year, we must take the time to just give thanks. Golden Fist is not just another activity. It is a way of life dedicated to the advancement and nurturing of our students and community. Give thanks always! Pilsung!

Be strong, vigilant, and determined in what you seek. Obstacles are placed in your way to test your resolve, to steer your intention, to grow your character and to confirm your faith. It is important to be honest with yourself to determine how critical something is to you, how much you wish to invest in it, and how beneficial is it to you. Search out advice from those that have experience, have a common bond, and have a genuine interest in you. Each and everyone one of you is special, unique and extraordinary. There is a plan for you to contribute and to succeed. By now, you know I am not merely writing about seeking to be the best Martial Artist. Be of good courage, persevere, be strong, actively look, actively seek, be aware, confident , disciplined, mature, be observant, diligent, vigilant, steadfast, and unmovable. Seek to be the best that you can be in all that you do, always. In all, give thanks when you make it, while on the way there, at every detour, and even if you fall short. By the way, I claim the victory, congratulations to you!

In Your Mind’s Eye

Your mind’s eye is where you see your achievements before they occur. Whether it is a graduation, a grade on a test, a technique in class, passing your driver’s test, or getting your black belt, it is all the same. Steer your path to success in your mind’s eye. Before you demonstrate a new kick, study it, attempt it, practice and train. In addition, meditate inwardly and see yourself performing the kick in your mind. See the target. See your leg hitting the target. In your mind’s eye you see the perfect execution of the desired task and repeat it over and over. This sets the stage for the body and mind to put forth the required effort, discipline, and attitude to accomplish the task. In the mind’s eye is the location for foundational preparation of the task. If you see it, you will not just try to do it. You will do it. The mind’s eye set your level of focus towards a mark or goal that is inwardly set by you. The mind’s eye builds confidence, courage, indomitable spirit, get it done and just do it attitude. Set yourself to test yourself by meditating in you mind’s eye about a desired outcome. Train your mind’s eye to focus and sharpen the details required. It will happen. You can do all things.

Intensity is a state of mind that the martial arts student must seek internally. Intensity is the outward display of your internal level of focus, drive, motivation, attitude, directivity, determination, desire, perseverance, fortitude, resolve, and dedication targeted towards an activity. These activities include martial arts, education in school, participation in church, helpfulness and love at home as well as the community, and in any organization. Intensity is observed by others and is quite contagious. When those around see how seriously you fight towards your goals, you provide them with a role model to follow. Intensity can be simply defined as giving it your all. Make your participation note worthy to your peers, parents, teachers and elders. Here is a list of things to be totally intense about:
Your studies – seek knowledge and education with vigor, thirst and hunger. It will not be in vain. Your faith – seek knowledge and relationship with vigor, thirst, and hunger. It will not be in vain. Your level of intensity as defined above translates to your success. Be in it to win it.
Pilsung! Sabomnim Titus

You must have fun. Seek to enjoy all things in your life activities.
Choose to find the silver lining in all that happens in your life. If
you participate in any activity, find the joy in it. Yes, there is joy in
school, homework, exercise, church, home, sports, driving, movies,
family, vacations, work, ministry, shopping. I chose these general
activities because they can all have opportunities for stress. The key is
what you focus on. Focus on the joy in everything and when
challenging times come, you will have the inner fortitude to go through
it, conquer it, ignore it, resist it, and most aid others to do the same,
yes, indomitable spirit. Focus on the positive. Be a positive person at
all times, Joy will follow you all the days of your life and you will
be a comfort to all those that need it. Be joyful and have fun. No
frustration, no humiliation, no confusion. Have fun. Never let
anyone, anything, or any situation steal your joy. Enjoy the rest of
the summer and the rest of the year and everything granted to you
Pilsung! Sabomnim Titus

JULY 2011
Who are you competing against? The humbling answer is yourself. You set your pace. Your set your commitment towards a goal. You set what is determined to be your best.

Measure yourself against yourself and set your goals to always improve. If you get B’s, set A’s as your goal, give it your all and study hard. If you get A’s, go for the A Plus.

Don’t concern yourself with the student next to you, concern yourself about yourself. Your achievements are yours alone. You can be all you want to be. When you know you have done your best, then try harder to do better to achieve a new best.

When do you concern yourself with others? When you can help, be kind, offer support, give guidance, to cheer and celebrate their successes.

As instructors, we are honored to celebrate your successes. Strive to achieve and accomplish in all things and let us know! Hurray, in advance.

JUNE 2011
Momentum is defined as a strength or force that keeps growing or the
force of something that is in motion. To the Martial Arts, we
understand and use momentum for increasing force or power to break
through obstacles that come into our lives either physically or
mentally. When you train constantly, regularly, and frequently you
develop momentum in what you are training. A simple technique is
always uncomfortable or awkward at times, but if you keep on
practicing and training at it over and over it becomes better than
simple it becomes perfectly done automatically without thought with
pure instinct and natural ability. It can be stated that one must train
to gain and achieve momentum in all things. Gaining momentum
applies also to reading, writing, mathematics ,science, and your
studies in general. Seek to have momentum in all that you do because
once you have it, you will “be on a roll” and things will be much
easier. Taking breaks, giving up, slows or stops momentum. Seek
always to increase momentum in everything. “Go for the prize”
Pilsung! Sabomnim

MAY 2011
If you quit, you will never know how expert you may have been. If you keep on going and keep on pursuing, your blessing will be given to you. No one knows the day, the hour, or the class, where it finally links together with all heart, body, soul, and mind. It will happen. The secret is attitude. Are you developing a quitting attitude or a persevering attitude. Adults know that sometimes things do not go your way, sometimes you don’t feel good, sometimes there are too many other pressing issues, however, adults also know that what is achieved and appreciated is what is diligently sought. Seek to have an attitude of faith. The attitude of faith is not knowing if you will, how you will, or when you will, but that you will. Your parents, teachers, elders and your martial arts instructors are here to provide instruction, encouragement, guidance, friendship, ,leadership, and sponsorship. Say to yourself. “Quitting is not an option”. “ I will diligently seek my goal.” “No one will hold me back including myself” Pilsung!

APRIL 2011
If you are in the presence of those who learn, those who want to learn, those that thirst for knowledge, then you will be one. We come together to share knowledge, share experiences, contribute to the advancement of all who seek. Playing a video game is a lot of fun, but stop, look and listen, if it is always just you and the game , then you run the risk of being the game and only the game. Knowledge is mostly found from others ( in person, books, or other media). In depth knowledge is mostly found in books and your parents, teachers, and elders. If it is knowledge you seek – Be quiet, read, and listen. Place yourself in a community of learning; Church, School, GFMA. Open your eyes and ears, a world of knowledge awaits you! Take every opportunity to fellowship and exchange. Read to achieve, seek and you shall find, merely ask and you will receive. However, stop and be silent, listen to learn. If you are always transmitting, it is impossible to receive. Pilsung!

MARCH 2011
Perseverance – Can you just hang in there? Be of good courage. Faint not. Stick to it. Be strong. Press towards the mark. Have faith in yourself, and your ability, but give yourself a fighting chance. Take every opportunity to train. Take every opportunity to fellowship with those that train; with those of like mind. Continue to measure your progress against the effort you put forth. Never get frustrated. Train to maintain, train to sustain, train to go through the heavy rains. Make sure you are anchored and you will be at the ready for the test. For your information: The test is life itself. Train to remain on the path towards your goals. Pilsung!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Tell those special in your life you love them. Your mother, father, sister, brother, cousins, and of course your Golden Fist Instructors. Don’t forget to give love, honor and praise to the Lord that loves you as well. The month of February is a special month: Groundhog Day, Valentine’s day, President’s day, Black History Month, and in 2011 Sabomnim’s first month of retirement from Lockheed Martin. Some facts about your Sabomnim: Born in Brooklyn , New York to Dr. Laborde & Mrs. Therese Titus (deceased) Returned to Haiti at 1 month old and stayed until the age of 4. Settled in Philadelphia in 1963, on his 4 th Birthday Attended St. Madeline Sophie Catholic School, St. Joseph’s Preparatory, and Carnegie Mellon University – Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. He had worked for Lockheed Martin for 30 years He has trained in Golden Fist Martial Arts for 19 years Married for 27.6 years to Gail Davidson and blessed with 2 boys David and Daniel He is the Great Great Great Great Great Grandson of Pompee DeVastey who was the clerk
and chief scribe to Toussaint L’ouverture, the slave general that defeated Napoleon to gain Haitian sovereignty and independence in 1796. What are some things about you family history you want to share? Ask your Parents. Write it up and turn into the office. We will share in class.

Happy New Year! We have made it together. We should continue to excel together. Welcome to all of our recent members and families. There will be more to come in this new year. Let us welcome them as well. In the new year we as always must re-dedicate ourselves to train, to share, and to fellowship. Tournament participation, attending class on a regular basis, teaching and sharing all allows us to sharpen each other. Re-dedicate yourselves to self confidence, self discipline, self respect, performing random acts of kindness, being a good son or daughter, being a great student in school, in the academy, and at home. Re- dedicate yourself to listen. Everyone hears, but do you always listen. God gave us one mouth but two ears for a reason – Think about it. The brain is meant to take more information in through both ears and after the listening is done and understanding is reached then the brain shares through much more then words: actions- kind acts; expressions- smiles and gifts and so forth. We listen to learn. When we always transmit, it is very hard to receive. Re –dedicate yourself in the new year to learn more. Listen every opportunity you have.

Aim High! Set the Goal! Make the Plan! Work the Plan! Make the Goal! Ask yourself – “Where am I going?”; “ What is going on around me?” ; “How am I perceived by others?” When you ask these question, you seek self awareness. Self awareness is that attribute developed when one discerns their place in space. Simply put – what will be your contribution to society, country, family, people, friends, foes, the rich, or the poor. What will you like to do? If you say, “I don’t know”, seek what gives you the goodness feeling on the inside, seek where you can have an impact, seek things that leads towards the best side of fellowship, seek to be focused, seek to be helpful, seek to be kind, seek to be a blessing to others, and seek to be true to yourself. Remember as you wonder, ponder to seek the light. If you seek with purpose, an answer will be given. Be patient, be calculating, be aware, and be prayerful.
Aim High! Set the Goal! Make the plan to make the goal!

November 2010
If you believe, believe. Can I be a black Belt? Am I good enough to one day be a Master Instructor? Am I smart enough to get the highest score in the classroom on the next test? Can I do it? Can I make it? All such questions deal with your self confidence. If you believe, believe. The Israelites spent 40 years walking around in the wilderness for one reason, unbelief. Even after witnessing the wondrous things done in their behalf, they still demonstrated unbelief. Unbelief held them back and kept most of them from reaching their goal. Don’t let unbelief do that to you. Believe and all things are possible. Simply put, if you believe, believe. Don’t look back. Don’t have any doubt. Believe and you will achieve.

Progression is simply the act of advancing towards a goal. You can set your stage to be satisfied where you are. You can set your stage to wait on others for a helping hand. You can set your stage to achieve small dreams or big dreams. The focus is on you. Where do you want to go? What do you want to be. Do you have a plan to get there? Do you have alternate plans in case a mid course correction is needed? Do you have faith? Again, the focus is on you. Set a goal. The goal can be the next test I will get the A. The next opportunity, I will make Mom and Dad proud of me. Set a goal. I want to be a Black belt so I will work hard to achieve. Hey, I want to be a Master. I plan to work harder to get there. The message is clear. Set your goal, make the commitment, work hard, follow through for yourself. Progress by advancing towards your goal that you set so that you own the goal and make the commitment to yourself.

Back to School? Time for the recipe for straight A (s).
It starts on the first day of school. Start with the Straight A attitude.
This year commit yourself to the “straight A attitude”
Straight A attitude is that level of confidence a student achieves when getting anything less then an “A” hurts.
If less than an A happens, you feel the need, the need to achieve. You feel hungry to achieve that A at all times and to get back to it leaving nothing on the table. Apply the energy to learn and understand the first time around. A “straight A” student is a student that does not know how to get something less then their best.
Use the recipe for straight A (s) daily. Practice the 3P(s).
Prepare – study hard, train hard, train your mind and body hard Prevent – watch out for those distractions. Remember you purpose at school is to learn. Thirst for the knowledge and it will be given.
Protect – Keep your record spotless, faultless and above all do your best all the school year long.
Just keep pressing towards the prize. (Train, Study and Pray)
Be better then the rest and be your Best

Does anybody wonder? We all wonder. What are the possibilities?
What can I achieve if I just work a little harder? Take a little more time? What can I achieve if I put my mine to it and my passion in it? Can I really make it? Is it really possible? Can it really be done and am I the person that can do it? Will I find my way?

Well, what God has for you is for you.
Seek and you will find.
Ask and it will be given to you
Remember, to who much is given, much is required.
God allowed me to get this far in everything that I do or have.
I am blessed.
If you believe, believe!
All things are possible!

Just keep pressing towards the prize. (Training and Praying)

JULY 2010
Commitment, what does it really mean? Who is it really for?
When you think of the meaning, duty, loyalty, perseverance, readiness, service, faith, values, and determination all come to mind.
What is the target? Commitment to self? Yes. Set your goals and achieve your goals. Commitment to others? Yes. Do as you have stated. People are counting on you to deliver as advertised. Commitment to family? Yes. Your family loves you and wants the very best for you and you do not want to disappoint any of them. Commitment to life? Yes. Everyone has been placed here for a reason. Seek and you will find that inner sense of worthiness. Commitment means to demonstrate the loyalty, perseverance, service, kindness, and determination. You can do it. You can make it. Commitment to Martial Arts? Yes. Train hard, practice, study all things to place knowledge in your mind. Show the commitment by staying with it. Commitment to Mastery? Yes. Just never quit. A Master is a Black belt that never quit. A Black Belt is a student that never quit. If I did it, I know you can do. Have faith in yourself, parents, teachers and elders.

JUNE 2010
The question is “What do you want?”. Those that have been on the earth longer then you know what is best for you, what you need, what they want you to be. The question is what do you want. Who you choose to follow is a choice that is given to you. It is a choice that becomes more apparent as you get older. Your parents, teachers, and elders are here because they love you and want to share there knowledge with you so that you avoid and need not suffer the pitfalls and snares that the choice can sometimes lead you. No one in their right mind seeks to do wrong, ,but they are trapped by the wrong choice, the wrong time, the wrong advice, and the wrong friends. In all things lean not to your own understanding but on the One who allowed choice in your life to guide you and protect you daily. We have all have been there. We chose the right and when we erred , we asked for grace and mercy for rescue. Listen to your parents, teachers, and elders. They will get you there with the straightest line always. The right choice is obvious to those that have chosen correctly and is trying to save you the hassle. Listen. Trust and Obey

MAY 2010
A test is always a test. Life is always a test. Thus it is always test time. We have free will and free choice. We may choose the right road or the wrong road. We choose to make every decision that we make. God indeed gave us the choice. He also gave us basic instructions before leaving earth. The Eastern religions leave your actions to cause and effect. Other say you may come back next time as a toad. One thing is clear to me. This is the test. The choice is simply belief or unbelief. As for me and my house, I’d rather not be lost in the wilderness so I choose to make the right choice, the right road, at the right time so that I may be considered as a sheep on the right side.

APRIL 2010
We are in this together. We are a team. We must encourage each other. We must help each other. We must be a friend to each other. People come to a Martial Arts institute for something to do, get in shape, gain self confidence, gain self defense skills, gain self control and obtain self discipline. All that goes out the door if that person does not feel wanted, cared for, liked, or lacks the camaraderie we all feel with each other as the Golden Fist family. It is our mutual responsibility to make all that walk through our doors feel welcome. They should feel or sense the fellowship and the bond we all have with each other. That fellowship and bond is the number one reason why people want to come back. All the other benefits come with time and training. Fellowship is immediate. When you come through the doorway, shout Pilsung to let others know how happy you are to be in the dojang where champions are made. Remember to always be good citizens in and out of the dojang. Be kind to each other and others. Remember to work on your legacy and reputation daily.

MARCH 2010
Sparring is a chess game. Your opponent can be evaluated by the first few moves. A chess player that shows aggressive tendencies can be easily drawn into a compromised position. An opponent that takes an extremely cautious non-engaging tendencies may be summarily dismissed in a few well placed and calculated moves. An opponent that seeks to control the middle of the board while offering menial offensive (baiting) move yet defensive in overall structure is gaining control while establishing superiority and thus ready to pounce at first show of weakness. Once weakness is revealed, and is acted upon, it is the skill and wisdom that determines the winner. Many chess players show diversionary weaknesses to spring the ultimate trap. Remember, given the inactivity of both chess and sparring, it is the cunning that prevails through wisdom, experience, and perseverance. Know whom you are dealing with and size them up quickly without giving away the farm. If I have confused you, then I must say you have not played enough chess or sparred enough.

In Martial Arts a backward step can be bad move. In life it can also be a bad move. We encourage all to have forward motion or side to side motion. We encourage to always move forward getting to the next step, always progressing toward the mark. Students, in general these tenets are true. Please ponder the following: Truth is it depends where you are. Climbing a mountain may require a downward move to find the path to the peak. If you are on the wrong road, a backward step may be the one move to get back to the intersection that puts you on the right road. A career change after hitting the ceiling may require taking a lesser job to find the opportunity to go up the corporate ladder. A backward step may be all you need to draw your opponent into your well planned self defense (Attack By Draw). God has been known to break you down to get your attention so that you know it was He that blesses you. The willow tree, flexible to the wind that it can not stop, understands itself and the source of its strength and direction of its purpose. Reflect on this.

The key to the Mastery is dedication to being the best that you can be in all things. When you are taught something new or learn something new, you must internalize the information and make it your own. God purposely did not make us all the same because He has a unique purpose for all of us. He will use you and you may not even realize it. Give all that you do your best and have the faith that He will lift you up, open doors, guide you where you are to go, and to achieve Pilsung. I always wanted to put things in space. I do this. I always wanted to do Karate. I do this. I wanted to be a priest, well I am a Deacon. Always look upward and hold on to His hands. He will not let you sink. Just as Peter.

Get out of your way. You’re the one that is convincing yourself that there are things you can not do. Practice walking by faith and not by sight. Manna continues to flow from heaven. If you understand then you can accomplish anything. Do your best even in things that do not excite you. Find the silver lining in all that you do. You are the captain of your fate and the master of your soul. Seek goodness in everything you do and everybody you meet. One act of kindness can ripple to others like the river ripples when given a stone.

You are a Black belt or can be a black belt because you are a white belt that will not or did not quit. You are the one that determines how far you go and how hard you try. You are in your control. Do you quest for the best? Are you set apart from the rest? Focus to maintain that all your efforts are not in vane. Always press toward the mark for the prize of the higher calling. Honor your Mother and Father always. Give respect to all those in authority. Be kind and love one another. Be the best and not like the rest. You are a special creation so use your gifts and be a blessing.

Breaking by definition means forcing through an obstacle. We practice this with break away boards, wood and eventually Patio Blocks. The fact is, the obstacle is not any of the three mentioned. The obstacle is yourself, your confidence of self and your courage to go beyond your comfort zone. As you raise the stakes then you grow. As you take on the greater challenge, the more you excel inwardly. Positive self-esteem, self-expectation directly feed positive self-confidence. Break through
your internal obstacles and conquer your fears. Be the best you can be.

Why do we train?
We train for physical fitness. We train for readiness.
We train for self discipline. We train for sharpness of mind.
We train for responsiveness of the body. We train to test ourselves.
We train for self- confidence. We train for self respect.
We train to meet all challenges We train for beat all obstacles
We train for success. We train to gain knowledge.
We train for self awareness. We train for the camaraderie.
We train for self defense. We train for flexibility.
We train for agility. We train to achieve. We train to endure.
We train to teach others. We train to protect those that are in need.
We train for the humbleness of heart, thoughtfulness of mind, and longevity of the body.

The Heart, the Mind, and the Body are the essential to understanding of self control. Many people react because they do not understand that stimulus to either of these three inherently cause reaction. Think of your own examples. The key to self control is the understanding the intent of the stimulus and to let that understanding temper your reaction. Be wise to know and detect those intentions that are misguided, misplaced, or misdirected. Remember, you are in control of your reaction. Seek to be at peace.

JULY 2009
Awareness is the attribute that one seeks to develop when things or people around you are perceived to create turbulence, challenges, conflict, or strife to your sense of peaceful existence in this world. Self awareness is when one has grown to the realization that the inward perception and understanding of self has much more direct impact to and control over your sense of peaceful existence. Seek to know self to understand the inner peace and spirit within you. All actions around you are reactions to what you do.

MAY 2009
Opportunity abounds around us everyday and every hour. It is like the manna falling from the sky. The questions are: Are you eyes open to see it? Is your heart ready to receive it? Is your mind ready to accept it? Have you placed yourself in the position to absorb it? In all that we seek through are training and life, self awareness is an essential element necessary to create, exercise, maintain, and capitalize on the possibilities of life.

APRIL 2009
Be always ready for anything. Be nimble and prayed up at all times. God and those around you will take care of you. I received my phone call telling me that Dosanim was sick on 4/3/09 and I, being president of the Technical Advisory Committee had to run the Black Belt testing and the entire day’s activities. That is what he said he has been training me for. Well it was done. Thank you to my fellow Masters, my students, my parents, and my instructor. Be yee always ready!

MARCH 2009
The theory of Ryu Pa is of the river that flows from the mountain to the valley. As sediments are deposited at every level downstream, so does the sediment in the lower areas flow down to those awaiting downstream as well. The analogy is of knowledge that flows from the source, influences, trains, and teaches us to pass what we have learned down to the lower belts. In this way, we have a true River of Knowledge to nurture all of us.

As one walks with others and follows, they may become lost with the rest. Be a leader in all that you are involved in. As the people walk in the forest looking for a clearing and shelter, the leader is not necessarily the most senior, the one placed in the front, or the one with the loudest voice, the leader is the one with courage and the blessing of wisdom to climb a tall tree, look around, and say this is the way. Think about it.

As we begin this new year, let us commit ourselves to fitness, scholarship, fellowship, growth, excellence and readiness thus equaling success. 2009 will be the best year for Golden Fist Academy of Gap. Let us move onward and upward together.

I am so proud of our new Black Belts and advanced Black Belts Pilsung! The journey continues.
Please practice at home. Mental and physical performance will be greatly enhanced. In general, practicing a technique at least 500 times correctly leads to confidence which then leads to perfect execution

I am so proud of our new Black Belts and advanced Black Belts Pilsung! The journey continues.
Please practice at home. Mental and physical performance will be greatly enhanced. In general, practicing a technique at least 500 times correctly leads to confidence which then leads to perfect execution.

Picture Day is very important to school morale. Please sign up and get your picture taken so that you may be included in the Academy 2008-2009 Academy Poster. A picture makes a great Christmas gift as well.
Students always remember that everyday is test day and every time is test time. Always be ready!

Black Belt Parenting is an awesome book. I have
read it twice. I highly recommend Parents get and
read this book. It is available at the school.
Extra Extra – The Cadet Curriculum DVD is
available. Get your copy while supplies last!!
Take advantage of the Monthly Parents Night Out
If you take care of each day, the years will take
care of themselves

JULY 2008
Summer time is a time of vacation, outdoor activities, family parties and barbecues, a trip to the shore or an amusement park. Remember, it is also a time for intense training. Recommit yourself to your training so that no matter where you are, you can practice to hone your martial arts skills. Pilsung!

JUNE 2008
A wise man once said “Together Everyone Achieves More”. This is a reason for taking every opportunity to train collectively. When a group bands together and sets a common goal, then that group is made up of those that are supportive, constructive, and caring of one another. Hence, we who train at the Academy are a TEAM. Our common goals are to be good citizens of high moral character, to be disciplined, to be confident, and to be filled with knowledge in our minds, strength in our bodies and honesty in our hearts.

MAY 2008
We are a Black Belt School meaning that every aspect of our
school is committed to getting each and every one of our students to
the rank of Black Belt and beyond. Our goal is to help each
student strive for Black Belt Excellence in their training as well as
in all other aspects of life. It means we will go above and beyond
in terms of extra effort, classes, coaching, and dedication to help
our students rise to the standard.

APRIL 2008
These are Black Belt Truths:
Quitting is a learned behavior – Let your indomitable Spirit take control.
When you spend time with child, make sure they have your undivided attention
Discipline is not a bad word or a negative force. It is a way of teaching right versus wrong and what values are important in life
That is Black Belt Excellence.

MARCH 2008
In all classes, students are to understand that earning their black belt is the ultimate goal and everything they do every time they train brings them one step closer to reaching their goal. That is Black Belt Excellence. Pilsung.
Practice RAD Theory wherever you are
(R) Recognize, (A) Avoid, (D) Defend
Recognize dangerous situations, avoid being in them so that you need not defend against them.

Practice RAD Theory wherever you are
(R) Recognize, (A) Avoid, (D) Defend
Recognize dangerous situations, avoid being in them so that you need not defend against them. Pilsung
Please practice at home.
Mental and physical performance will be greatly enhanced.
Please be mindful that the School insignia Patch and Pilsung Patch our a uniform requirement.

Please remember to bring in your report cards. We enjoy honoring our scholars.
Please practice at home. Mental and physical performance will be greatly enhanced. In general, practicing a technique at least 500 times correctly leads to confidence which then leads to perfect execution.
Please be mindful of the Cold &Flu season. It is ok to stay home and practice
Please be mindful that the School insignia Patch and Pilsung Patch our a uniform requirement.

Please practice at home. Mental and physical performance will be greatly enhanced. In general, practicing a technique at least 500 times correctly leads to confidence which then leads to perfect execution.
Please be mindful of Cold $ Flu season. It is ok to stay home and practice
Please be mindful that the School insignia Patch and Pilsung Patch our a uniform requirement.

Please practice at home. Mental and physical performance will be greatly enhanced. In general, practicing a technique at least 500 times correctly leads to confidence which then leads to perfect execution.
Every opportunity to train with Dosanim should be taken. He is the source of all of our Martial Arts knowledge. The Ruy Pa starts with him.

Please note that the 24 lesson requirement is a minimum requirement for promotion for most belts. Knowledge, Practice , Technique, Attitude, Behavior, and Attendance are also factors that weigh into the readiness of the student and our decision to promote.

Students please remember to arrive 10 minutes
prior to scheduled class start time
Before entering or leaving the Dojang floor
students are reminded that courtesy must be
shown at all times