"I hope to see GFMA of Gap around for many, many more years."

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Years ago when karate was recommended for my preschooler, I was told that it would improve his focus and give him a sport that he could connect with. Talk about an understatement! My daughter soon joined in and we discovered Golden Fist. With a very good and long standing reputation, Golden Fist with Masters Cothran, Lowe, and Titus was the best place to go. Our family is devoted to the school and the awed by the benefits of learning martial arts. My children started with improved focus and physical activity, but have learned confidence, physical stamina, flexibility, discipline and perseverance as they have worked towards each new belt. They have also made excellent friends, learned patience, and have even begun to teach and inspire others around them. Golden Fist is a fantastic martial arts school and that we recommended to friends within months of joining and highly recommend even nine years later.

* Parker Hubbard Cohen, a mom

GFMAAG has been a very positive experience for my son. When he enrolled he was having issues with anger management, self-control and self-esteem. Within one year at this school, my son developed the confidence to compete in the US Open Karate tournament and he actually placed in two of his events. It was a moment he will treasure his entire life. He has learned to better control his temper and his actions and has become a much happier person overall. He also has made friendships that we hope will last a life time. I would highly recommend GFMAA to anyone.

– Colleen Wilson

We have two children enrolled at GFMAA. We believe the school has definitely improved self control in our son, Lukas and enabled him to reach outside himself in a desire to help others and perhaps become an instructor at some point.

GFMA has become the “karate family”. There is a connection at the school that our children don’t have in other areas. The idea of them keeping physically fit through martial arts instead of “sports” is important to us. Soccer, football, etc. won’t save their lives someday. We believe this is time well spent, and should become a permanent part of their life, not a phase or an activity. With such an uncertain future before us, I don’t understand why more parents don’t have their children enrolled in self defense activities.

The instructors are well qualified and courteous. They are fine examples of the student creed. My
personal opinion is they could be more demanding of the students and a little stricter. The instructors are certainly good role models at a time when we are lacking people for our children to look up to.

I hope to see GFMAA of Gap around for many, many more years.

– Beth and Willard Stoltzfus

G.F.M.A.A. has been a great martial arts school for the last ten years for both of my children. My one child was diagnosed with ADHD and the instruction he received at the school has helped him achieve success in school and at work. It has helped him with his mental skills being more focused and able to concentrate in crowded and noisy environments. As parents we want the best for our children and my son has become a fine young man he is today with the help of training in martial arts. Our daughter has loved taking martial arts since kindergarten and today it has helped her learn great self defense techniques that she can use in life and it has helped her become a much better student. She has gained confidence, self esteem and self discipline. The training she has received lets her be a kid but at the same time it makes her aware of who and what is around her. In today’s world we worry about bullies and strangers and we know the benefits of training at G.F.M.A.A. has helped both of our children become the best that they can be.
We highly recommend training here at the academy.

– Beth and John Wasson