"I hope to see GFMA of Gap around for many, many more years."

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Contact Info (215) 860-5819
1488 Buck Road, Suit A2
Village Shires Shopping CTR
Holland, PA 18966
Contact Info (717) 442-0244
5351 Lincoln Highway
Suite 3
GAP,PA 17527

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Halloween Party and Haunted Dojang $10.00 Come and fellowship with the Martial Artists.

Darth VaderĀ  Godzilla The Three Headed Monster are all planning to be in attendance

Friday October 30th starting at 6:30 Haunted Dojang Opens After Dark


On November 7th Golden Fist Martial Arts International will be conducting Black Belt Testing

Time 11:00 am until ….. At our Golden Fist North East Phila. Location

Oxford and Levick Street …. Be there.


GFMAA Holland will host a Movie night ages 10 and upĀ  on November 13th starting @ 7PM

Bring Sleeping Bags ……. if you can stay up or stay out BE There. Donation $10.00

Recent and great movies will be watched including “Five Fingers Of Death”