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About Golden Fist Martial Arts Academy

Offering Highly Skilled Professional Instruction for Men, Women & Children, 3 yrs old and up.
Martial Arts training is a great way to help children develop a positive outlook and healthy habits that last a lifetime!

A family that kicks together sticks together


Children to Young Adult Program

Lil’ Dragons Program (Ages 3-7)
The Lil’ Dragons program is a martial arts program geared to 3-7 year olds, with an emphasis on teaching safety and life skills. Lil’ Dragons will:

  • Develop a sense of independence
  • Develop speech and language
  • Enhance coordination and stamina
  • Improve listening skills
  • Practice physical fitness
Cadet’s Program (7-13)

Because of today’s increased pressures on children both mentally and through negative physical aggression, parents are turning to Martial Arts to help cope with these problems. Our Program will show how to:

  • Develop a“YES I CAN” attitude at home, in school and everywhere
  • Get physically fit while having fun and learning valuable self-defense skills
  • Appreciate the value of hard work to achieve worthwhile goals

Adult Programs

Golden Fist Martial Arts Self Defense: Adult Program
Golden Fist Martial Arts is a dynamic innovative approach to Martial Arts Training that emphasizes the idea of personal and social development being paramount. The development of courtesy, self-discipline, self-confidence, academic excellence and good social adjustment are primary objectives of Golden Fist along with self-defense.
Golden Fist Martial Arts encompasses traditional, non-traditional techniques covering the four ranges of street combat. The organization offers you through your membership, access to a philosophy that prepares you to deal effectively with all negative elements that hold society hostage.